Thursday, April 4, 2013

hunting for dinner!

Here is a painting I hacked together with multiple assets from all sorts of different paintings.  There were a few times on The Croods when it was necessary to grab paintings other artists had previously done on the movie because we were so crunched on time.  Someone might have done the layout, someone else painted the environment, someone else painted the characters, and then someone else painted all over and the only thing left was a tree.

Anyways, this was definitely one of those paintings.  Our art director, Paul Duncan, roughly laid in a layout with the painted turkeyfish he took from a Dominique Louis painting.  There was an old Huy Nguyen painting where Huy designed these cool pillar shapes, and I took those pillars and shifted the colors to match the environment.  And then the rest was just rendering, adjusting the lighting, and painting in the family.


And then there is just me.  I had fun with this one.



Daniel Best said...

Hi! Thanks for speaking at Nucleus. Aside from generously sharing your ideas there, you've also shared heaps on your blog. Woohoo! :) Good luck with the next film.

Benjamin Plouffe said...

nice work!

Phil Spehar said...

amazing work man, I love your colors!

Arthur Fong said...

Thanks guys! Nucleus was fun and I do plan to continue and share my thoughts and experiences I had on the Croods!

Alexander Bocharov said...

Great art, Arthur!